Turns out Pete Wicks DID sleep with Jemma Lucy… on Christmas day :o

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It seems The Only Way Is Essex star and owner of impressive man-bun Pete Wicks has slept with Celebrity Big Brother star Jemma Lucy, DESPITE claiming he had only met her during a club appearance.

In text messages obtained by The Sun Online the reality stars sent x-rated messages to each other in 2015 which also seem to CONFIRM that Jemma slept with Pete on CHRISTMAS DAY, during a family party at co-star James Lock's house.

Sorry, WHAT.

The text which is claimed to be from Pete reads, 'You can come here? Family do, but they are alright with it'

Jemma replies, 'Ahhh really?! I wish I had a mate... I'll be shy!'

'Lockies fam? U in a pub or?'

Pete replied, 'Na at his dad's birds'

'You can't tell anyone about this though!'

Jemma replies: 'Listen, I won't say a word.'

The pair also sent steamy texts on what they were going to do to each other. Blimey.

A pal told The Sun Online “Pete and Jemma had spoken for weeks before they spent the night together back in 2015.

“When he was at James’ house, he invited Jemma over and they spent the night together. When he said he didn't know Jemma, I joked and said maybe Pete had forgotten what had happened. But she showed me messages to prove he did remember.

“After they'd had sex, her and Pete continued to message each other about what they would do the next time they were alone together.”

Jemma lucy pete wicks

It's unclear if current girlfriend, fellow co-star and number 1 single(!!) soloist Megan Mckenna is aware of their fling.

Megan and Pete has split last September after it emerged Pete had been sending sexual messages to model Jacqui Ryland behind her back.

All three parties have yet to comment.


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