Peter Andre insists: “I left Katie Price for a LAWFUL reason”

An ongoing court case has thrown up claims about his first marriage


by Emmeline Saunders |
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Peter Andre left Katie Price when their marriage broke up for a “lawful reason”, rather than because he was trying to destroy her career, a court has been told.

This week, Peter has been giving evidence at a High Court trial between the ex-producer of his reality shows, Neville Hendricks, and ITV2, after Mr Hendricks raised a contract dispute when the TV channel pulled the plug on his shows.

Katie and Pete back in 2004
Katie and Pete back in 2004

He’s now seeking more than £500,000 from ITV2 in damages and costs, but the channel says he was in breach of contract and is looking for him to pay it £260,000.

To make things more complicated, Mr Hendricks used to be married to Claire Powell, Pete’s manager and Katie’s ex-manager.

The ongoing case has meant Pete had to postpone his honeymoon with new wife Emily MacDonagh while he gives evidence.

He’s been accused this week of trying to paint the Pricey as “a complete bitch” after the breakdown of their marriage, but strongly denies his management team had any plans to make her look bad.

“She knew what was happening and she knew what I was going though,” he told the court today.

“I left for a reason. A lawful reason, and I will not accept that Claire made the plan to make me look good and Katie look bad.”

Pete also confirmed that he and Katie separated in 2009, after which he alleges she was pictured with other men and women in Ibiza.

“It was on the front of the newspapers. All the children were with me. Harvey was with me. Harvey is Katie's son and I call him my own.

“She then went on the Piers Morgan show and spoke about why we broke up. I thought it was horrific. I had never mentioned why I left and what had happened. I was in a mess.”

Katie is in no way involved with the trial and so won’t be able to respond to what was said in the courtroom.

The hearing continues.

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