Peter Andre opens up about suffering crippling anxiety after losing his brother Andrew to cancer

The star's brother passed away three years ago

Peter Andre

by Owen Tonks |
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Peter Andre has spoken out about the crippling depression and anxiety he suffered after his brother Andrew died.

The singer’s beloved sibling passed away three years ago after battling kidney cancer.

But the star, who is currently taking part in Strictly Come Dancing, credits his wife Emily MacDonagh for standing by his side through the difficult time.

He told The Times magazine: “I went to a dark place, worse than any of the anxieties I’d had before. I was constantly crying... I don’t know how Emily put up with me.”

Peter has since recovered and is happy with his life with Emily and his three children, and his career.

Peter's late brother Andrew
Peter's late brother Andrew

The Mysterious Girl warbler realises he’s lucky to have a second shot at fame after his working as a pop star in the 90s but admits he became a bit of a nightmare the first time round.

He said: “I sat down one day and prayed, saying that if I ever had the chance again, I wouldn’t take it for granted.

“The first time I was famous, I started taking myself a bit too seriously. But this time round, I’m completely approachable. One of the things I really pride myself on is that I’m a people person.

“This could end tomorrow. I know, because it’s happened before. I’m very lucky.”

GALLERY: Peter Andre and wife Emily MacDonagh


Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh have been together for 3 years! Happy anniversary!

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