Peter Andre shares photos from his Venice “honeymoon” with Emily MacDonagh – and it’s all very cute

Did you get that the pair are loved-up? Because they are. They SO ARE. OK?

Peter Andre on his hollibobs

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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OK, so there’s no official word yet that Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh - who married on July 11 – are on honeymoon.

But the pair ARE on a holiday to the very romantic city of Venice, doing the kind of loved-up, touristy things that honeymoons are made of.

You know, like gondola rides and taking photos of each other on bridges using selfie sticks, and the like. Loads of photos, in varying cutesy poses, just in case we weren’t totally aware to the fact that THEY ARE IN LOVE, PEOPLE.

Yep, still on holiday

The “honeymoon” also coincides with Emily’s 26th birthday, with Peter writing: “Happy birthday Gorgeous one :)” about his new wife.

Pete recently confirmed that he is due a honeymoon (er, we’d be DEMANDING this if we were Emily. Isn’t most of the point of getting married the honeymoon?), writing: "Ems and I are due to go on our honeymoon in the next two weeks and I'm so excited.”

Yep. We get it.

So maybe this is it.

We imagine that Katie Price is currently throwing darts at a map of Venice.

It’s OK, Katie, because we kind of are, too. Although if you bring us back some willy-shaped pasta, Peter, then we might just forgive you for being on such a lovely holiday. Maybe.

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