Peter Andre talks baby names – like Peta, Cleopatra or, er, Janet Jackson for a girl

Hmm. The REAL Janet Jackson might have something to say about that, Pete...


by Olivia Cooke |
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Peter Andre and his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh are awaiting the arrival of their first child together, and we imagine that they’re busy doing all of the things that expectant parents do.

Painting the nursery, stocking up on nappies, and deciding on the baby’s name.

So, we were intrigued when Peter chatted about baby names on his website. Has he given any hints about Unborn Andre’s first name?

Answering a pregnant fan’s question about what to call her daughter, Pete had a few suggestions that could give an insight into his and Emily’s name choices.

“Biblical names are great, Alexandra… I don’t know, Cleopatra that might be a bit….,” Pete starts off.

“Or a regal name, a royal name like Elizabeth or Janet Jackson. She’s royalty to me.” Ah, so Pete’s just messing about then.

Although Janet Jackson Andre does have a nice ring to it.

“The honest advice I’d give is if you haven’t decided on a name is when that beautiful baby is born you’re just going to know, you’re gonna look at her and you’re gonna know.”

“But you could just call her Peter if you want with an “A”. Just saying,” Pete cheekily concluded.

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