Peter Andre speaks out on his children’s unusual names

And reveals his secret love for the Kardashians

Peter Andre

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Peter Andre is up there with likes of Ryan Reynolds, Mick Norcross from TOWIE and Channing Tatum as one of our fave celeb dads.

He's often found 'in the doghouse' after posting pics of his ADORBS children - Junior, 12, Princess, 10, Amelia 4 and 17-month-old baby Theo - on social media.

Ahead of the Frankie & Benny's Parents' Awards, which Peter is co-hosting with Billie Faiers in Liverpool, we caught up with the father of four to find out exactly what kind of dad he is.

When asked what kind of parenting award he'd most likely win, Peter revealed: “Best diversion tactics."

He continued: "At eight years old Junior came up to me and asked ‘what’s a virgin?’ and I said ‘it’s an airline.’ He said ‘dad, don’t be smart.’ So I went online and showed him a picture of Virgin airlines and as time went on I thought ‘these are really good diversion tactics.

"If they ask me a question that’s really awkward, I’ll just completely divert it with something random. They’ll roll their eyes but then they forget the question they asked me. Diversion is my key."

peter andre

Smart move, tbh. But it turns out he falls short when making his kids laugh.

"They laugh at me in pity," he told heatworld. "Also I’m strict, but then I fall for their charms."

We also took the opportunity to quiz Pete on a series of VERY important questions - which bizarrely lead to a confession about falling in love with a tree when he was drunk in LA.

WATCH: Peter Andre takes heatworld's niche AF quiz

And while speaking about Kylie Jenner's choice of baby name for her new daughter, Peter also hinted at the controversy hinting at his own children's' names.

When asked what he though of the name Stormi Webster, Pete replied: "How can I even say anything when my daughter's called Princess."

He then continued: "Every parent has the right to call their kid what they want," before mistakenly calling Kylie's daughter Stormy Daniels (the porn star who allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump).

Oh, we LOVE ya, Pete.

Peter Andre is the host for Frankie & Benny's Parents Win Awards on Wednesday 25 April - celebrating parents and the funny, ingenious hacks they come up with to help them cope with the day to day challenges of parenting.

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