This picture of Drew Barrymore with her two little daughters has melted our FACES

And would you LOOK at her shirt?

drew barrymore daughters

by Emmeline Saunders |
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We love Drew Barrymore here at old heat Towers. Loved her in E.T. Loved her in Never Been Kissed. Sometimes we stay up late imaging Drew is our BFF and that we'd paint each other's toenails and watch Evita and talk about boys together.

But it looks like Drew's doing juuuuuust fine without us, what with 'having a family' and 'being a mum' and 'taking care of an international film career' and all. So we'll just have to stick with looking at her Instagram and cooing over her little daughters.

Happily for us, 39-year-old Drew posted a picture of her two babies - 20-month-old Olive and seven-week-old Frankie - while wearing a Mother Of Dragons t-shirt, which is a reference to the hit HBO TV series Game Of Thrones.

As well as being a huge fan of the medieval drama, Drew revealed that the $28 top is in aid of a charity she's supporting in Los Angeles.

"All proceeds go to help employment oppurtunitiy for Foster kids in LA. Great cause! #greatcause," she captioned the snap.

Drew gave birth to baby Frankie on April 22nd but she was up and about not long afterwards to promote her new film Blended, in which she stars alongside Adam Sandler.

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