Picture of ‘Justin Bieber’s penis’ leaked

We can't stop staring

Justin Bieber

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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Justin Bieber's week has gone from bad to pretty much horrendous. First he was threatening to delete his Instagram after fans started leaving mean comments about his latest lady squeeze, Sofia Richie. Then his ex, Selena Gomez, called him out for "cheating multiple times" and iPhone off-buttons everywhere got jammed with the amount of screengrabs going on across the globe. And then he DID delete his Instagram, and that was that.

So the last thing the 22 year old needed was an intimate picture purporting to be his wang spreading over the internet like WILDFIRE (although we're gonna remind you that Gaz Beadle has been purposely posting pics of his LARGE knob outline for social media peen searchers out there – achem, us – achem).

But when Justin's mate, Chantel Jefferies, had her Instagram and Twitter accounts hacked, Justin's willy was exactly what EVERYONE saw.

Sort of.

Justin Bieber

The hackers posted the above pic of Justin with his tongue out holding his member on Chantel's Insta, but – low and behold, and much to our disappointment – it turns out that the photo was a very convincing Photoshop job.

Le sigh.

We mean, of course it's great that his privacy hasn't been invaded etc etc, but if you're a heat reader you'll KNOW we love a good peen pic. Not seen Alex Bowen's trouser PYTHON? Or Lewis Bloor's giant love muscle? And how can we ever forget the original King of Prodigious Peen Pics, Dappy.

The cyber ninjas also managed to post a tweet about Selena Gomez on Chantel's behalf. How kind.

Justin Bieber

We're sure you can work that one out for yourselves.

ANYWAY, Chantel did manage to get the hackers booted out of her accounts, and when she did she sent them a very pleasant message.

It might be a fake, but we definitely enjoyed it. Sorry not sorry.

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