This picture of Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby is incredibly disturbing


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by Stevie Martin |
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Sometimes something just gets you, and this face swap with reality stars Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby has absolutely got us.

The pair, who nobody can fully confirm actually are a pair, despite numerous pictures of them licking tongues (no, that's not a gross euphemism for kissing - they really have licked each other's tongues), posted a face swap on Instagram and it's just terrifying.

This comes after what can only be described as an onslaught of social media of Char and Bear posing, cuddling, and snapchatting their fans while naked in bed (which was quickly deleted). Neither of them have confirmed a relationship, and maintain that they're just really great friends that got closer during the filming of their new show Just Tattoo Of Us.

The show features couples choosing tattoos for the other, without them knowing. Bear chose half a bear half a cheetah, reportedly to remind Charlotte that she cheated on her then-boyfriend Ash Harrison with him. Wow. And yes, Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie from Geordie Shore went on it, and yes Kyle chose a tattoo of his own face to get inked all over Holly's neck and, yes, they did have the biggest bust-up they've ever had.

But back to Char and Bear.

As well as face-swapping, they also put lipstick stripes on their cheeks and did faux claws. Which, everyone knows, is something you only do when in a committed relationship. OR IS IT? Nobody will ever know. OR WILL THEY? Etc.

One thing we do know is that Bear mentioned on new show Celebs Go Dating (the name is self explanatory) that he has been seeing one person outside of the show: "There is one main girl I’m seeing outside the agency and we’re having a very good time."

Again, this isn't confirmed as Charlotte. But if it isn't Charlotte then, my god, his actual girlfriend must be incredibly pissed off.

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