Pierce Brosnan stopped at airport for trying to board plane with a 10-inch knife

Pierce Brosnan almost actually piereced some people

Pierce Brosnan

by Laurence Mozafari |
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Ex-James Bond actor and man that's good at screaming things{ =nofollow}, Pierce Brosnan was stopped from boarding a flight after he tried to carry on a 10-inch knife.

The 62 year old was held up by Transportation Security Administration agents at Burlington International Airport in Vermont, when he carried on the massive blade in his hand luggage.


Come on, Pierce. We can understand getting confused by the 100ml of liquid rule, but we're pretty sure not bringing a mini-sword onto a flight is just bloody common sense mate.

The actor might be struggling to separate his action-hero lifestyle on-screen with his boring real life where he's just plain old rich and handsome actor, Pierce Brosnan. Either that, or he's a tad forgetful.

Pierce was reportedly angry when the knife was taken away by agents. Come on buddy, we're sure you can buy another knife.

Lieutenant Shawn Burke, from the Burlington Police Department revealed the story about Pierce's encounter with the Transportation Security Administration.

He explained the Irish actor "was encountered by TSA at one of their checkpoints" and was allowed to continue his journey after the issue was resolved.

TSA rules state that sharp objects such as knives, box cutters and scissors longer than 4 inches must be stored in checked baggage. Did you read that Pierce Brosnan? You were a whole SIX KNIFE INCHES over the knife length limit. Get your head in the game.

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