Piers Morgan blasts Ariana Grande for not visiting injured fans

Piers, could you just not?

Piers Morgan

by Stevie Martin |
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After the Manchester attacks, where 22 were killed and countless more injured following a suicide bomb attack in the foyer of an Ariane Grande concert, there've certainly been a lot of good, and bad, social media responses.

Scotty T, for example, appeared to use the terrorist attack as a way to get his leg over, tweeting #fancyacuddle at Ariana Grande herself, before claiming he had been hacked.

Katie Hopkins was Katie Hopkins, and tweeted about us needing a "final solution" (like, y'know, Hitler said) before deleting it.

And Piers Morgan, it seems, is the latest person to act like a twerp on Twitter.

Hours after the bomb went off, Ariana Grande flew back to the US and tweeted that she was "broken". Pictures then surfaced of the singer looking devastated after landing. She has cancelled the rest of her tour and has been silent since her heartbreaking tweet on the night of the event.

Not enough for Piers, though. Tweeting the singer in response to Katy Perry's tweet commending The Queen for visiting the sick and injured in hospital, he added: "Might have been nice if @ArianaGrande had stayed to do the same".

In response to people tweeting him things like "WHAT???" and "?????" and "You are vile", he then proceeded to dig himself an even bigger hole.

What right does anyone have to criticise how a musician acts when a bomb goes off in her audience?

Well, Piers Morgan apparently. He knows EXACTLY how he would have reacted. Which is so easy to say when a) it didn't happen to you and b) you are tweeting it from the safety of your own home.

And it kept going...

Hey Piers? Maybe preaching to a traumatised pop star what she should have done isn't a nice thing to do? Just saying.

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