Piers Morgan has a dig at Jeremy Clarkson’s new show deal: ‘I didn’t know it was Amazon Past Your Prime…’


Piers Morgan

by Anna Lewis |
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Piers Morgan has had a dig at Jeremy Clarkson about his new Top Gear-esque show on Amazon Prime.

Jeremy and his TG pals – Richard Hammond and James May – have signed a deal with the streaming site, but Piers doesn’t seem too excited about the whole thing.


Speaking about the new deal while promoting the latest series of Piers Morgan's Life Stories, Piers quipped to Digital Spy: "I thought it was Amazon Prime, not Amazon Past Your Prime."



Then continued: "I think it will do very well for Amazon Prime. What they'll find, the three of them, is that their own recognition level and fame in this country will be rapidly diminished because they won't have the big audience.

"And also they're going to feel a bit awkward, I'm sure, watching Chris Evans doing a rival Top Gear, which presumably will be hugely promoted by the BBC. It'll be interesting to see how they deal with that psychologically, because it's not the same."

He added: "I think they'll make a lot of money and I think it's a good move for Amazon, and probably a good move financially for these three guys. I'd have been tempted if I was them to actually just have said, 'We're all going to go off and do our own thing now'. But it's their life and their career."

Piers has always had a difficult relationship with Jeremy, but insisted that their feud is behind them now.

"Well, the scar on my head tells the story of his flailing lashes," he joked. "We did make up in a pub last summer. We got riotously drunk in our local together and put it all behind us so I've got no ill feeling towards Jeremy."

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