Here’s why Piers Morgan was quiet on Twitter today

It's like our dreams and hopes have been answered

piers morgan

by Stevie Martin |
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Notorious Twitter troll, sorry, MAN Piers Morgan has been silent on Twitter all day. Not a peep. Obviously we threw a large party, but then wondered why - turns out it's for a good cause.

He announced on Good Morning Britain that he'd be going silent for Red Nose Day if Comic Relief managed to raise £5,000.

Lord Alan Sugar, being the grumpy legend that he is, announced he would be paying it immediately as shutting Piers up for five grand was the "bargain of the century".

He said it was his duty to the nation. We love Lord Sugar. On top of that, it was announced that if Comic Relief could raise £50k, then Piers would not only be silenced, but forced to wear a Tottenham Hotspur football shirt - his least favourite team.

Lord Sugar then basically went on a one-man mission to raise the money.

And guess what? He did it. Today Piers Morgan was gagged and wearing a Spurs shirt, which is probably his idea of a nightmare.

Congratulations Alan. And thanks for not only making us laugh, but feuding for a top cause. And, okay, well done Piers Morgan for being a good sport about the whole thing.

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