A plane carrying the TOWIE cast to Marbella was stranded as it was too heavy to take off! Yes, really!

A plane carrying some of the TOWIE cast - including Arg - was left grounded because it was too heavy to take-off.


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Too much luggage in the hold caused the Easy Jet flight to remain on the runway at Southend airport yesterday.

The flight had numerous The Only Way Is Essex cast and production crew on board, including Arg, Ricky Rayment, Lauren Pope, Grace Andrews, Fran Parman, Jasmin Walia and Diags, who were flying out to

Marbella to join their other cast mates for 10 days filming for the Marbs summer special.

Speaking to heat from Marbella, *TOWIE'*s Bobby Cole-Norris, explained:

"We were at Southend runway when the pilot came out of the cockpit - and when he does that you know there's something to worry about. He got on the walkie talkie to say 'we're 200kg over, four people have got to get off and be put in a cab to Luton, there's a flight tonight we'll give you £100 each but obviously no one dare do it so after about 20 minutes he was like 'I'm not taking off unless people do it'

TOWIE cast mate Jasmin Walia added: "There was no way were were doing it for £100 it's such an inconvenience.

"And then we were sitting there for half an hour and no one would still volunteer or say anything, then four ladies, bless them, got off and went it was so sweet."

Bobby continued: "Then a flight attendant said 'this has never happened in the history of my career' and I thought well you've never had TOWIE on board. Mine was 4kg over the 20kg...and that was just the hairspray."

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