PLEASE don’t tell us this is YOUR cut hair Dougie Poynter?

Nooooo. It couldn't be?


by Maria Vallahis |
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Has McBusted's Dougie Poynter had his hair cut off?

The boyband star has posted a picture, to his 600k Instagram followers, of a pile of cut hair on the floor and we're praying it isn't his. Sobs silently


Are these your tresses Dougie? Why would you post this on Instagram without explanation? WHY?

The caption isn't very helpful either, as the 27 year old only added the scissors/hair cut emoji to the snap. Boo.

Whose hair is this?

To be fair if Dougie did cut his hair it wouldn't be a total disaster. We've just reminded ourselves what he looked like before his long hair...

#Throwback picture of Aaron Carter...we mean Dougie Poynter.

So actually we don't mind either way. But, his girlfriend Ellie Goulding won't have anything to run her fingers through now, will she?

On the other hand his fellow boyband member James Bourne did share on his Instagram how he was 'having a good hair day'. We have a theory this looks more like his hair...

More wispy and curly - just like the cut-hair in Dougie's post...?

In other news...

Ellie admitted Dougie wore HER jeans once.

He was caught in the act wearing a pair of Ellie’s jeans appaz ‘by mistake’, but whether we believe it was a complete accident is open for discussion.

The blonde singer posted a snap of her man sitting in a taxi in said denim trousers, captioning it: "Christ Dougie's just realised he's wearing my jeans again."

AGAIN?! Lol.

Let us know via @heatworld Twitter and Facebook whose hair is it?

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