Pregnant Stephanie Davis cried all day over BACON

Literally: same

stephanie davis snapchat

by Emmeline Saunders |
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Pregnant Stephanie Davis opened up to Snapchat last night in what might be the saddest broadcast from a human being's phone EVER.

Because the former Celebrity Big Brother star revealed she's spent the whole day crying because her mum hadn't bought her any bacon.


She explained that she's been craving bacon and woke up yesterday needing it. She was skipping with glee when her mum said she'd made bacon ribs and eggs, so Steph headed downstairs ready to chow down on some seriously salty meat.

Only to find, in the place of her beloved rounds of crispy bacon, a plate full of… pork chops.

Pork chops that had been boiling all night in water, that is.


Steph explained that it wasn't just the lack of bacon she was crying over, it was about "not having anyone there to rub my back or make me a cup of tea", given that Jeremy McConnell has effectively turned his back on her and her pregnancy.

She took to Twitter afterwards to explain more about her Snapchat story, confirming that she actually was "inconsolable" about the lack of bacon.

On the plus side, Steph did get to feel her baby move for the first time since announcing her pregnancy in May 2016.


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