Prince Charles has been throwing shade Cheryl’s way 😂

Classic Charlie with the shade, tbh


by Ruby Norris |

In this fickle business we call show, we’re pretty used to reporting on various celeb types through big old servings of shade each other’s way. But, it’s not all that often those dishing out the digs are members of the British royal family.

So, we’re kind of loving Prince Charles’ sassy remarks about Cheryl Tweedy.

Charles joked that he’s been struggling to keep up with Cheryl’s various name changes in recent years

“I thought to myself some time ago ‘who’s Cheryl Tweedy?’ I suddenly realised I knew the Cheryl bit but missed out on the Tweedy,” he remarked on stage at the Princes’ Trust awards ceremony.

“But I’m enormously grateful for her raising £1 million pounds,” he continued.


“I can't keep up with all the changes of names that the companies do either. It was very good of her to want my Trust to join her in her Cheryl's Trust centre in Newcastle last month - she's a great Geordie and she makes such a difference in that part of the world."

Cheryl – who recently opened her own Cheryl’s Trust centre in Newcastle – has taken on a number of different monikers since rising to fame in Girls Aloud.

She switched from her maiden name to Cheryl Cole after her marriage to footballer Ashley Cole, then she became Cheryl Fernandez-Versini after wedding Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini before switching back to Tweedy after their divorce.

It’s not yet known whether Cheryl’s name will change again in the foreseeable future as her boyfriend Liam Payne has seemingly dismissed talk of marriage.

cheryl and liam

"I don't know if I'm the wedding-y type of guy. Weddings feel a bit weird to me. I don't know. Who knows? We'll see."

Cheryl and Liam’s son Bear has taken on Liam’s surname.

“We’re just really happy in baby land at the moment,” Liam continued.

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