Prince William refuses to take selfies with fans!

His reason, though, is VERY funny

Prince William

by Stevie Martin |
Published on

OK so if we couldn't love Prince William any more, it turns out that he's even brilliant while turning down selfie requests from fans - something that celebrities usually get ripped apart for.

While away on a skiing holiday with his lad pals in posh Swiss resort Verbieron, some fans approached William as he threw some serious shapes on the dancefloor.

They told The Sun: "Someone went up to him to ask for a picture. He just laughed and said, 'One doesn't do selfies!'

"He was great fun and dancing his nuts off, but drew the line at selfies."

Legend. Like, actual legend.

The source went on to say: "Stuffy people might think it was wrong for our future king to party like the rest of us. I think it was great to see him letting what's left of his hair down."

Us too! It must be bloody hard having to be so royal all the time. And hey, it's okay not to want his photo taken while he was "dancing his nuts off". Especially considering the latest (and excellent) video taken of him dancing like a dad were published by the Mail.

You throw those shapes, Will.

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