Prince William sends heartfelt letter to family of nurse who committed suicide, Jacintha Saldanha

Prince William sent a letter of condolences to Jacintha's family.


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It has been revealed that Prince William sent a letter to the family of nurse who committed suicide, Jacintha Saldanha after her death.

Jacintha was a nurse at the King Edward VII Hospital in London where Kate Middleton was taken care of during her pregnancy.

Tragically, Jacintha took her own life after answering a prank call by two Australian radio DJs – Mel Greig and Mike Christian – who called the hospital posing as the Queen and Prince of Wales.

The Australian DJs pretended to enquire about the newly pregnant Duchess of Cambridge and sadly two days after the broadcast Jacintha was found dead in her nursing accommodation.

Prince William wrote to the family three weeks after her death and said: “It is unbelievably sad and we both extend to you our heartfelt condolences.

“It must be a very difficult time for you with so many questions and thoughts but we both pray that things will get easier for you.

"We were both very shocked to hear about Jacintha and have been thinking about her a lot lately.

"Jacintha looked after us both very well and it is just so sad that someone who cared for others so much found themselves in such a desperate situation."

Jacintha’s husband Ben, 50, said he could not forgive the radio station behind the prank call.

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