Princess Charlotte is being christened today! Here’s everything you need to know


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Today is a big day! It’s Princess Charlotte’s christening and we have all the exciting details right here for you to devour with your eyes.

Kate Middleton gave birth to little Charlotte Elizabeth Diana on Saturday 2 May and today she will be christened at the Church of St Mary Magdalene, Sandringham.

A number of very important guests will be in attendance including The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, Kate’s parents Carole and Michael Middleton, her sister Pippa Middleton and brother James Middleton.

Prince William and Kate have asked a number of their friends and family to be godparents to Princess Charlotte.

Princess Charlotte and older bro George
Princess Charlotte and older bro George

The names have been revealed as one of William’s oldest school friends Thomas van Straubenzee, Eton school friend James Meade, William’s cousin Laura Fellowes, Kate’s cousin Adam Middleton and her friend Sophie Carter.

Kate and Wills will walk from Sandringham House to the church with Charlotte and her older brother Prince George.

Princess Charlotte will be wearing a handmade replica of the Royal Christening Robe made by The Queen’s dressmaker Angela Kelly.

The Lily Font and water from the River Jordan will be used in the baptism and after a tea will be held at Sandringham House with the christening cake being a tier from Kate and William’s wedding cake.

We can’t wait to see the pictures!

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Cosy cuddles1 of 32

Cosy cuddles

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For gazing at Wills so adoringly even though he had a tan dodgier than David Dickinson's

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Just the one...

For looking exactly the same as we do at 2am

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Doing the 'do

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Oops a daisy

When she fell over at a roller disco

Fleecing us14 of 32

Fleecing us

Baby faced back in 2001

Attack of the frizzies15 of 32

Attack of the frizzies

When her immaculate blow dry couldn't withtand the hunidity

Stuck in the middle with you16 of 32

Stuck in the middle with you

When she got trapped in a grate and Wills didn't help!

I've got a tenner on him!17 of 32

I've got a tenner on him!

When she pulled this face of excitement whilst watching horse racing

Pretty poorly18 of 32

Pretty poorly

Her perky but poorly smile when she left hospital after being treated for severe morning sickness

Bob the builder19 of 32

Bob the builder

For even making a hard hat look glam

Princess perfect20 of 32

Princess perfect

When she wore a fairtytale princess gown in L.A

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Devil woman...22 of 32

Devil woman...

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Eyes up!23 of 32

Eyes up!

For managing to keep her gaze at eye level

A leaf out of her book24 of 32

A leaf out of her book

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On your bike25 of 32

On your bike

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Here comes the bride26 of 32

Here comes the bride

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Whatever...27 of 32


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Marilyn Moement28 of 32

Marilyn Moement

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One mustn't giggle...29 of 32

One mustn't giggle...

When she couldn't keep a straight face with a naked bottom in front of her

Orange you glad to meet her30 of 32

Orange you glad to meet her

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Show him what he's missing31 of 32

Show him what he's missing

When her and Wills had a brief split and she went out looking killer

Wonder woman32 of 32

Wonder woman

When she showed us all that she likes to wear a Wonderbra!

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