Professor Green’s paranoia after WILD drunk tweeting in wake of Millie Macintosh split

We've all been there, lad

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by Georgina Terry |

Hey reader. Have you ever woken up, a half-eaten pizza slice on your pillow, something that you very much hope is dried salvia in your hair, and your phone beeping with 'U OK hun?' messages from your friends?


Then basically you're doing drinking and social media wrong*.

Professor Green will have woken up in a state very similar this morning, we reckon, after a night of boozing and tweeting with wild abandon.

The first indication that Pro – or Stephen Manderson to the tax man – was up for a Sunday session came with this Instagram snap, which is actually pretty LOL:

He followed it up with a pic of Kerry Katona, looking a little sozzled, and the caption "Mood". Tee hee.

But then the Hoegaarden seems to have turned Pro melancholy, as he questioned:


It only takes a small leap of imagination to connect Pro's seemingly sad outpouring with his reported fury over Millie reconnecting with her old love, Hugo Taylor.

And further reports that Hugo and Millie are actually dating again could only have poured salt into the wound.

Mind you, Pro also tweeted this, and we have no idea what it could mean:

Pros' Sunday session seems to have escalated further, with him posting to Instagram:


Let this be a cautionary tale for us all. Pro's woken up today and posted:

Don't have the fear, Pro. We've all been there. It's just not all of us have 2.13million followers to see our drunken tweets.

And if there is pizza on your pillow, get it down ya, lad. No judgment here.


*Drink responsibly. Whatever that means.

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