Professor Green has signed a deal with Sony and we CANNOT wait for the break-up album

Come on, spill

professor green and millie mackintosh

by Natasha Preskey |
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Professor Green (AKA Stephen Manderson) has had a tough time of late. The poor lamb spent two years away from music to focus on his relationship with now-ex Millie Mackintosh and to do some telly work.

But Pro Green and Millie divorced in May and she's now back with toff ex Hugo Taylor.

In brighter news, the Pro's absence from music has def been a case of treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen and triggered a bidding war between labels keen to release his first post-divorce album.

The 32 year old went for Sony label Relentless Records, which means he'll be working with Shabs Jobanputra, who signed him at Virgin in 2010.

Stephen said: "Shabs was first out of the blocks for a second time round - it's great to be back in the hands of someone fair, forward thinking and committed."

Pro Green's last album Growing Up In Public was released back in 2014 (a gazillion years ago in celeb-land), a year after his wedding to Millie.

professor green performing

A source close to the Pro said: "Relentless are chuffed to have signed Professor Green. There was a real battle for his signature but he and Shabs had a lot of history – and that really helped.

“And as far as Professor Green is concerned, he feels like, considering everything that’s gone on for him recently, this is a hugely exciting fresh start. He’s really pleased with how his music is sounding - and now just wants to get back to focussing on that."

We've got everything crossed hoping that Pro Green will pull a Beyonce and whack out a juicy Lemonade-esque set of bangers. Err, what's green? Limeade? Answers on the back of a postcard pls.

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