The prostitute who slept with Wayne Rooney is heading into the Big Brother house

Former prostitute Helen Wood is making her way into the Big Brother house.


by Anna Lewis |
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Don’t remember her? Let us refresh your memory – Helen’s the gal who had a threesome with Wayne Rooney just before the 2010 World Cup. The worst part is though, not only was Wayne married to Coleen at this point, but she was also five months pregnant with their first son Kai.

Not cool Wayne. Not cool.

So why’s 27-year-old Helen heading into Big Brother – which starts tonight – then?

A source told The Sun: “She deeply regrets hurting Coleen and wants a chance to show that she’s not that person any more.”

She might also spill the beans about her old PR agent Max Clifford, who was recently jailed for eight years for a string of sexual assaults.

The source added: “She spent an awful lot of time with him.”

But unfortunately Helen is still legally gagged from naming a married top actor she romped with.

Can you just give a teenie-weenie clue, Helen? Pleasssssssssse?

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