Rachel Bilson joins Instagram – and shares cute pic of baby daughter Briar Rose’s STAR WARS shoes


Rachel Bilson

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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We love when a celeb joins Instagram out of nowhere. Obviously, it’s also alarming in that they didn’t have Insty to start with, but then we get the chance to delve inside their lives and it feels all fresh and exciting.

Come on, we’ve seen enough of Justin Bieber’s muscles and boxer shorts to last us a lifetime.

So, to Rachel Bilson and her new, shiny Instagram account.


    She’s shared three photos so far – and by far the most adorable is this photo of baby daughter Briar Rose’s Star Wars trainers.

    WE WANT SOME. We also want some mini ones to put onto the next baby we come into contact with.

    And again, aw!

    Rachel had Little Briar Rose – her first baby with fiancé Hayden Christensen - in October, so those eeny shoes are made to fit an eight-month-old.

    Hayden played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars, if you hadn’t got the theme by now.

    We’re guessing that Briar Rose is a total daddy’s girl.

    So welcome to Instagram, Rachel Bilson. And may you go forth and share loads more cute baby photos with us, pretty please.

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