We’re MAJORLY jealous of the Beckham family holiday to the Maldives

Brooklyn has been spending a LOT of time on Instagram from the island where he’s holidaying with David and Victoria


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Oh, family holidays. We love them but DON’T THEY JUST DRIVE YOU MAD?

Your dad is in a grump and has retreated to his man cave to do something with a drill. Your mum is going mental about Sunday dinner. Your sister is grassing you up for breaking the remote control (it was an accident, OK?)

Yeah, we’re almost glad it’s now January and there’s no more forced family time for a while. (Love you all, though, guys).

Not if you’re a Beckham, though. If you’re a Beckham, you head to the Maldives for New Year’s Eve and get along famously. SIGH!

Here's Brooklyn in the Maldives. We're jealous
Here's Brooklyn in the Maldives. We're jealous

15-year-old Brooklyn Beckham’s relatively new to Instagram, but he’s been mighty keen over the last few days – and he’s showing up most of the UK like crazy with the rest of the Beckham clan.

He’s been busy cuddling up to David and Victoria.

“Great new year party with family and friends,” he wrote. Looks like it. We want David Beckham hugs in the Maldives. Life isn’t fair!

He’s been chilling with little brother Romeo and captioning the photo “brothers”. Seriously, who gets along this well? Like, actually?

And he’s been applying a lorra, lorra filters to his photos along the way. Just to make the whole trip look even glossier. If that’s possible.

We’re almost tempted to tell Brooklyn to get off his phone and to go and play outside, but it looks like he’s been doing quite a lot of actual stuff on holiday, so we won’t do that.

Can we come next time, though?

Oh, those Beckham kids...


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