The REAL reason why CBB’s Nicola McLean covered her eye during spat with Kim Woodburn



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Celebrity Big Brother wrapped over a month ago now, but the EPIC spat between fiesty powerhouses Nicola McLean and Kim Woodburnis still playing on our minds.

Where on earth does Kim Woodburn get her insults from? Why are they STILL launching insults at each other? Why was Nicola McLean covering her eye? How does Kim Woodburn get her ponytail so tight?


Unfortunately, we can only answer one of the above questions.

A defiant Nicola, tired of being trolled about her 'lazy eye', has come forward to reveal that she's actually blind in one eye - due to a rare condition.

Opening up to The Sun Online, Nicola candidly revealed that her sight started to disappears two months before she entered the house and she had no choice but to wear contacts.

"I have always had bad eyesight in my left eye but my right eye has always been fine and then about two months before Big Brother I noticed my eyesight changing.

"Now I can barely see out of this eye, I'm talking barely see, I've got a contact in it now. Basically what's happened is, this right eye, I can't see out of it but it's also developed an adult squint, which is rare."


Nicola also revealed that she was 'paranoid' that arguments would start whilst she was in bed on CBB as that was normally the time she would take the lens out.

Which completely explains the reason why Nicola was holding her eye when she was having a late-night screaming match with Kim Woodburn.

Nic, who was born with a squint in her left eye, added that her doctors think she could be suffering from pregnancy-related diabetes.

And whilst the squint can be fixed, she still has problems with her sight and had to wear special glasses during Celebrity Big Brother.

"So we need to work out why the vision’s gone from being OK to so bad," she said.

"I’m OK because with a contact or my glasses it’s fine, mine’s not a lazy eye it’s a proper squint, so if I took my contact lens out now it would just wander."

Poor lamb.


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