Is THIS the reason Charlotte Crosby hates her boobs?

The former Geordie Shore lass reckons she’d prefer to have a couple of fried eggs than her 34Ds.

Charlotte Crosby

by Victoria Garo-Falides |
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Celebs usually only want to decrease the size of their thighs/waists/bingo wings (can we suggest egos?) not the contents of their bras.

But Geordie princess Charlotte Crosby has admitted that she actively HATES her big bazookas and they’re actually more of a nuisance.

She told Aussie’s NW that she’s not a fan of her lady lumps and she’d prefer no boobs at all.

Even though she’s lost two and a half stone and gone from a size 16 to a 6-8, her cleavage hasn’t budged and she’s left with a 34D chest.

We wish we had problems like that.

Although she’s a cosmetic surgery fan, she says she won’t be going under the knife to sort out her underwear issues.

The 26-year-old said: “I’d rather not have any. Me mam hates her boobs too.

“I don’t usually wear a bra but when I do my bra is a 12D (34D UK) and I rather they were smaller.

“I can deal with them though.”

Good to hear. It must be tough.

She’s previously had a nose job, had her lips done and most recently had her eyebrows tattooed.

Ex Gaz Beadle once told her she had a nose like a parrot.

That probably didn’t help with any issues she had with her appearance.

Well done, GB.

But she hasn’t signed up to go under the surgeon’s knife again anytime soon.

“I don’t have any plans for anything else. I don’t like boobs, I’d rather have none.

“What else is there to get? I’ve lost weight! So no, no plans for anything.”

Luckily, it sounds like she’s got a bit of a new hobby going on and she reckons she likes being trolled over her super-sized pout.

She told The Sun: “I purposely pose the pictures where my lips look the biggest they possibly could and I say 'give it five mins and there'll be loads of comments.

“I do it to wind people up! I'm trolling people and they don’t even know it.”

Well, if you’ve got any spare rack Charlotte, chuck it over this way.


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