Rebecca Ferguson suffering panic attacks after being conned out of £100,000 by friend

Poor Rebecca!

Rebecca Ferguson

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Poor Rebecca Ferguson – she’s been in court to testify against a former friend who conned her out of “thousands”.

Rebecca appeared at Liverpool Crown Court to explain how Rachel Taylor acted as a business adviser to Rebecca – but actually stole her money.

She had lied about being a qualified accountant, but was actually keeping Rebecca’s money for herself.

Rebecca told the court: "My heart and my mind are broken by her crimes.

"As a result of everything, I cannot trust people, and I was always a naturally shy person. I now question everybody and it limits me socially.”

She then revealed that she’s suffering from anxiety as a result of the events.

“Worst of all were the panic attacks because she became so involved in my life,” Rebecca said.

"Every morning Rachel was the first person I woke up to. She would knock on my door and make sure I was okay.

"On reflection she would play on my fears, manipulate me and question everyone around me."

Rebecca has now moved her family to a “secluded” area away from Liverpool as she was so scared of what Rachel might do next.

"My mind wondered how far she would go. Her crimes go deeper than money,” she said.

"I felt she had become obsessed with me and my family and sought not only to steal from me but to rob everything I had worked hard for."

Rebecca revealed in an earlier interview that she may have been conned out of around £100,000 by Rachel.

The judge described Rachel as “conniving”.

He said: "Your victim put her trust in you and you betrayed that trust. In truth, it was a scam.”

Rachel has been jailed for 16 months.

Speaking outside court, Rebecca said: "There's only so much that gets said in court for obvious reasons but it goes so much deeper. It completely ruined my life to be honest. It affected so many aspects my life, my financial state and my personal relationships."

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