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Renee Graziano

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Who is Renee Graziano?

She is a reality star from the US show Mob Wives.

How old is Renee Graziano?

Renee is 48 years old. She was born on 19 April 1968.

What is Renee Graziano's net worth?

She is worth a whopping $2 million (which in the UK is just under £1.5million).

Where does Renee Graziano live?

Staten Island in New York City.

What is Renee Graziano's Twitter?

Her Twitter name is @reneegraziano.

What is Renee Graziano's Instagram?

Renee can be found on Instagram at Reneegraziano.

What is Renee Graziano's Snapchat?

You can follow her on Snapchat at reneegraziano7.

What does Renee Graziano do?

Renee is an author. She has two books:

    She also has a jewellery, makeup and clothing line called Mob Candy.

    Does Renee Graziano have any tattoos?

    Renee has two tattoos. One on her forearm that says 'Faith Hope Freedom' and one on her foot that says 'The past was only practice'.

    Is Renee Graziano single?

    Renee is currently dating Samuel Mack who she met at her friend and co-star Big Ang's wake.

    The reality star was previously married to Hector Pagan. They divorced and were going to get back together however Hector wore a wire to set up Renee's father because he was a government co-operator. Hector has since been sentenced to 11 years in prison for his role in a murder.

    Who is Renee Graziano's family?

    Her mother is Veronica Graziano. Her father is Anthony Graziano. In the past, because Renee was on the VH1 show Mob Wives it caused some tension between the pair, they have since reconciled.

    She also has two sisters, Lana and Jennifer Graziano, and Renee's sister Jennifer created and produced the show Mob Wives. Renee and her former husband Hector Pagan have a son together called AJ Pagan.

    What are Renee Graziano's TV appearances?

    Fans are keen for Renee to join Dancing With The Stars and she seems up for it:

    The reality star entered the US cooking show Chopped but only lasted two rounds.

    What is Renee Graziano's personality?

    Renee has previously described herself as a "loud, foul-mouthed drama queen", which we can kind of guess from some of her quotes on the show Mob Wives":

    "F*ck, one of these bitches better have an umbrella and be Mary Poppins cause it's a long way down."

    "They ask me why I don't date, because all the good ones are in jail."

    "I need a f*cking drink."

    Our favourite quote of them all - which we can totally relate to - "…If there's food involved, I'm in. Okay."

    It has been confirmed that she will be in this Celebrity Big Brother series and we're MEGA excited.

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