This app makes it IMPOSSIBLE for people to ignore your texts



by Joanna Freedman |
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We’ve all been there. You’re texting that person you’ve been dating, the conversation is flowing and then BAM…they ghost you.

There’s nothing more annoying than being aired by somebody when you’ve sent them a text, it honestly makes our blood boil.

But have no fear, because there's now a new app which makes it literally IMPOSSIBLE for anybody to ignore you, and we think it’s the stuff of dreams.

Yup, ReplyASAP is the new app which sounds an alarm and freezes the screen of the person you’ve just texted, meaning they have absolutely no access to their phone until they’ve read your message.

If the users want to turn off the alarm and unfreeze their screen they either have to snooze the alarm for three minutes or press ‘cancel’, which sends a notification to the sender.

We know, HOW PERFECT?! As hard as they try, there’s no escaping your text.

The app was inspired by a dad from London named Nick Herbert, who was fed up of his 13 year old son Ben ignoring all his text messages.

Apparently, Ben always used to use the excuse that his phone was on silent, so Nick designed the app so that an alarm would blare out regardless of whether a device’s sound was on or not. (So savage, we love it.)

iPhone 8

One embarrassing incident with that alarm going off at work and you can guarantee that your texts are never getting ignored again!

The catch is that the person you’re using the app on has to accept a request in order for ReplyASAP to take over their phone. And, tbh, we’re not sure they’d be too keen on that idea.Plus, while the app is free, you’ve got to pay for the number of people you want to connect with. For one connection it costs 99p, but the price escalates the more people you want to keep tabs on.

Despite this, we're pretty keen to give ReplyASAP a go, here at heat. ATM, the app is currently only available on Androids (cry), but its set to be rolled out to iPhones in the near future.

Sure, your boyfriend might think you’re being slightly clingy and your best mates might get sick of you, but the possibility of living life without being ignored is just too great to say no to.

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