Ricky Gervais confesses: ‘I’m fascinated by Big Brother’

Us too, Ricky. Us too.

Ricky Gervais

by Emma Dodds |
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Ricky Gervais may have made a name for himself across the pond as host of the Golden Globes – where he’s notorious for being SO OFFENSIVE.

But has he too big for reality TV now? Of course not! So long as it's strictly in a viewing capacity (can you even imagine how good he's be on e.g. Celebrity First Dates though? Blimey).

heat caught up with Ricky ahead of the release of the long-awaited David Brent: Life On The Road to talk about everything reality TV – and how it's changed since the debut of The Office.

"The Office was supposed to be an exact replica of those '90s docusoaps, but those shows were very respectful," he explained.

“Now it’s ‘Celebrity Enema’ and there are no boundaries any more. The lower the people in reality TV shows go now, the more they scream, the worse tantrums they have, the more coverage they’ll get.”


We don’t know what you’re talking about, Ricky. Speaking of Big Brother

“"eople who go on Big Brother saying, ‘I'm gonna be a riot, I’m gonna get my tits out and I’m gonna fight and get drunk and shit myself!’ They know those things will get them more coverage on the show – it’s like they’re being rewarded for being f*cking awful!"

Wow. Guessing you’re not a BB fan then, Ricky?

"I still think Big Brother is a bit of a social experiment – it's fascinating to see what people are willing to do on TV."

Celebrity big brother logo

We hardly dare to ask, but how about CBB?

“" don’t like it when celebrities go on Celebrity Big Brother as if it's going to help them. People who've gone through the mill or fallen foul of the press go in there go in and say, 'I want to change the public's perception of me', and they think it’ll sort it out.

"I'd say, 'F8ck the public! Go to a doctor! Go to your friends. Don’t go on telly to f*cking get well. It doesn’t work!'"

Read more of our Ricky interview in this week's copy of heat magazine, out now

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