Rihanna adopts puppy she found in nightclub toilet!

We wish we had room to adopt every puppy we came across...


by Hannah Brimson |
Published on
"I think there might be dog hairs on my Dior..."

How cute is the news that Rihanna adopted a puppy she found in a nightclub toilet on Saturday? We don't know where she goes partying, but we can't say our local Yates' has pooches in the loos for us to cuddle and take home.

Ri-Ri was out partying at 1Oak in LA and went to the loo, as you do, where she bumped into her little pup who is now known as Pepe (aww!). The singer sent a Snapchat video to her mates and said: "Well, I found him in the bathroom somewhere, and he ran up to me."

SOMEWHERE? How big is this bathroom exactly?

Don't worry, Ri-Ri made sure he didn't belong to anybody before scooping the little fella up and taking him under her wing (umbrella-ella-ella). She's now obsessed with him though and keeps sending out cute Snapchats of him cuddling her. ADORBS!

Little Pepe is very wise it would seem, picking Rihanna for an owner. Diamond dog collars, Dior dog coats and water purified thirty times over surely await...

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