Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio caught KISSING WITH TONGUES

But what of Jennifer Lawrence? Won't anyone think of her?

Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio caught KISSING WITH TONGUES

by Georgina Terry |
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Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio have been spied giving each other a full-on tongue sandwich.

The A-list snoggers were seen at it in a nightclub called Arc, which makes us picture them as 17 and giddy on blue WKD. It’s a good picture.

Things seem to be back on with the pair, who apparently partied 'til the early hours in the 'club in Paris.

An eyewitness told The Sun: “Rihanna and Leo were really going for it. They were passionately snogging and didn’t seem to care if anyone saw.

“They were using tongues so there was no mistaking it for a friendly smooch.”

Cara Delevingne is said to have been out with the pair, third-wheeling. Which must not have been in any way awkward at all.

Rumours first began to fly about the maybe couple in December 2014 when it's thought they had a festive fumble (snog) at a party.

They were further linked back in February 2015 when the Titanic star was said to be the singer's birthday date.

And now, after a break seeing other people, they could be back on.

Although what Rihanna will make of Leo's hitting on Jennifer Lawrence, as reported in the current issue of heat, we can't imagine.

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