Rihanna poses topless whilst showing off her niece Majesty

Talk about having a cool auntie - imagine Rihanna being your next of kin!


by Hannah Brimson |
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Ri-Ri showed off a series of (most of them cute) pics of her holding new her baby niece, Majesty, on Twitter earlier today.

Majesty is the newborn daughter of Rihanna's cousin Noella Alstrom, and was born on 8th June 2014.

Ri has been pretty smitten ever since, constantly posting pics and tweeting of her love for baby Maj.

The majority of photos are her cuddling Majesty and looking all proud and maternal. but true to form, there is also a photo of Ri-Ri with just her kecks on.

Bit weird, no?

These pics are reminding us of Ri-Ri's interview with Ellen DeGeneres back in 2012, where she said how much she would love to have kids:

"I would prefer to have a full family. I'm pretty sure I could handle it if I had to on my own, but that's not what I'm striving for."

Go on, Ri!

They would be soooo cute!

Maybe keep your clothes on though. We don't want them growing up to be embarrassed now, do we?


Rihanna posts pictures of baby Majesty

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