Rihanna responds to rumours of releasing new album on Tidal: ‘LIES’

Rihanna took to social media to deny claims she was going to release her new album on Jay Z’s new music streaming service, Tidal.


by Maria Vallahis |
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Yesterday, the 27-year-old took to the iHeartRadio Music Awards’ stage to perform her new song, Bitch Better Have My Money. RiRi tweeted her 43 million followers “LIES!!!!,” in response to a tweet announcing the news.

However, Rihanna and others like, Kanye West and Beyonce did take to their Twitter accounts to turn their profiles blue to promote Tidal.

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Recently acquired by Jay Z this month, Tidal is a Spotify rival originally launched by Norwegian firm Aspiro in October 2014, before the company was acquired by Project Panther Bidco.

Along with Jay Z, Madonna and Nicki Minaj are among the other artists taking part in the campaign.

The artists have replaced their Twitter profile pictures and header images with blank turquoise images.

Jay Z, who almost NEVER tweets, said: “"The Tides They Are-A Changing" #TIDALforALL.”

Madonna posted: “Music makes the people come together. Join Madonna and turn your profile picture blue. Do it for the music. #TIDALforALL.”

While Kanye wrote: “Together, we can turn the tide and make music history. Start by turning your profile picture blue. #TIDALforALL.”

Despite denying she was releasing her album on Tidal, RiRi is pro-the music streaming service, which will charge customers £19.99 a month to use their service.

Ri tweeted: “NAVY, turn the tide…#MakeMusicHistory #TurnitBlue #TIDALforALL.” She also posted:

The question is can Jay Z make Tidal bigger than Spotify and apple? What do you think?

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