Is Rihanna starring in Leonardo DiCaprio’s new film? YES PLEASE!

You guys can’t keep your romance undercover for much longer…


by Maria Vallahis |
Published on

Appaz Rihanna is in the middle of having ‘talks’ to star in a film.

Not just any film, but one by her rumoured beau Leonardo DiCaprio. We guess it pays to have ‘friends’ in high places, eh Ri?

According to The Mirror, 40-year-old Leo is set to play schizophrenic criminal Billy Milligan in dark film The Crowded Room and reportedly wants Ri-Ri to play one of his victims.


    A source told the newspaper: “Leo has been working intensely on this project and chatting about it with Rihanna and they both think it would make sense for her to be in the movie.

    We see you playing with your beard Leo, does Rihanna like it too?
    We see you playing with your beard Leo, does Rihanna like it too?

    “They want to spend as much time together as possible and this would be a huge bonding experience as she’s already been helping with his research into the character.”

    Leo attended Ri-Ri’s 27th birthday bash, which he reportedly threw for her, and last week images emerged online of the pair together.

    It was the first pictures of the pair together – they were walking arm in arm and smoking together.

    Dating rumours aside, is Leo helping the pop star into a movie career?

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