Rihanna talks about her dating record: ‘I fell in love with the beast’

But who is RiRi talking about?


by Maria Vallahis |
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In a recent interview Rihanna spoke of a previous relationship where she likened an ex to the beast from Beauty and the Beast.

Speaking to Time magazine the 27-year-old was supposed to be talking about her upcoming movie Home.

The conversation quickly switched to what is Ri’s favourite animated film? To which the superstar replied Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Ri told the magazine: "I fell in love with the Beast.

"Pretty much my dating record so far."

Now although she didn’t mention who she was talking about: Is it safe to say she was talking about her previous relationship with Chris Brown?

Ri and Chris dated in 2008, where Chris was charged with assaulting the Baijan beauty.

In the past Ri has been romantically linked to rapper Drake and more recently to Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Other than being a film, Ri is the now face of Dior’s Secret Garden campaign.

Confirmed earlier this month, a spokesperson told WWD: “Film and print versions of the campaign are scheduled to run this spring.”

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