So, Rihanna’s a wedding singer now…

She treated guests of stylist's wedding to a live performance


by Chloe Lawrance |

Sometimes when we're very bored, we imagine what it might be like to be Rihanna's BFF (don't pretend you've never done it).

Think of the perks: all-expenses paid jollies to far corners of the world, unlimited access to an amaaaaazing designer wardrobe, as well as having the singer on call to perform at your wedding, apparently. Not a bad friendship to have, hey?

Rihanna was in New York this weekend for the wedding of stylist and bezzie mate Sonya Benson and took to the stage at the reception to treat guests to some live music.

So, what do we think she sang? "B*tch Better Have My Money"? "Rude Boy"? "Cockiness"? "S&M"? All very romantic, wedding appropes hits from the star. We can see why Sonya thought Rih Rih would be a good choice.

Jokes aside, the star looked incred for the occasion, which she jetted in for especially from Los Angeles. She later showed her support for her friend online, taking to Instagram to post a snap of the bride.

Alongside the photo, which showed Sonya chatting on the phone, Rih Rih wrote the caption:

'Yasss!!!! Congrats to my beautiful and crazy @sonyabens on tying da knot!!! F**king love you girl!!!'

Ah to be a friend of Rihanna. We can but dream.

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