Rita Ora: ‘I flirt with people to make them uncomfortable’

What an unusual reason…


by Anna Lewis |
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There are plenty of reasons to do a little light flirting.

To show someone you’re interested for example. Or just to get a discount at the local fishmongers perhaps. But we can’t say we’ve ever winked at anyone or seductively run our fingers through our hair just to make someone uncomfortable.

Although, that is quite often the end result, tbh…

Rita Ora has opened up about flirting with all the boys on The X Factor; saying she mostly does it to just make people uncomfortable.

“Even when I’m at home, I really play on the flirty thing. I do it as a joke and I think some people think it’s serious. I just do it because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

“For me, it’s like if you can handle me flirting then you can handle being on The X Factor. I’m very intense and I’m very forward, it’s very ‘get to the point with me’. So I just do it for some fun – it take the pressure off.”

And apparently the boys auditioning are flirting right back with the Body On Me star. And now she's done a U-turn and started flirting with them to make them comfortable NOT uncomfortable.

The 24 year old said: “I think it’s because I instigate it! I don’t think they go into it thinking, ‘I’m going to flirt with Rita.’

"Once I start instigating it they get more comfortable. My aim is to get them comfortable, to get the pressure off them, if I can, and then hopefully they will do a better audition."

The X Factor returns to ITV Saturday 29 August.

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