Rita Ora plans to open a school for disadvantaged children in her native country, Kosovo

She's taking mentoring to the next level

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X Factor judge Rita Ora has got a taste for the mentoring life, and she clearly after more, as reports say she’s in plans to open a school.

The 24 year old reportedly wants to open a school in Pristina, Kosovo where she was born and lived until the age of one.

But Rita was forced to flee the area 23 years ago with her family, shortly before war broke out.

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A source explained to The Sun that the successful singer wants to give back to her hometown community by funding the building of a school catered towards disadvantaged children.

The source said: "Rita never forgets her roots and building a school is a perfect plan.

"She's been considering the idea for some time but is now pushing forward with it. The school will be named in her honour and she's hoping it will inspire the students there to keep hope."

Rita's plans come not long after being awarded the title of honorary ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo.

The country’s president, Atifete Jahjada, gave her the title back in July this year, naming her as “Kosovo’s most successful artist”.

When she accepted the title at the Kosovan embassy in London, Rita said: “This is amazing. Thank you madam president for this honour.

"I am so emotional. This is so incredible for me. I will wear this title of honorary ambassador with great pride and responsibility.

“My parents brought us (my elder sister and younger brother) to this country with the hope and the dream that we could get a decent education ... which is so important for our hopes and values and for what we want to achieve in our lives.”

We think building a school is a pretty good start to upholding that responsibility - nice work, Rita!

Rita Ora's wackiest outfits


rita ora wacky outfits

Flare for errr...1 of 10

Flare for errr...

Taking 70s styling a tad too far at the BBC Radio 1 studios last month.

Multi-cray2 of 10


When Rita signed up to promote her own adidas designs she was SERIOUS. Look at all of that COLOUR.

Uh-oh3 of 10


Someone's being a mega rebel! That naughty word + her Kim K hair + the confused print = WOW.

Bed style4 of 10

Bed style

Feeling chilly but can't find your cardi? Chuck on the dog's blanket a la Rita.

Cloud 95 of 10

Cloud 9

Subtle just isn't in Ora's vocab. This OTT pink cloud look was something else entirely.

She's pants!6 of 10

She's pants!

At least she's wearing undercrackers, eh?

Magic eye7 of 10

Magic eye

Wearing an outfit made out of those hologram pencil cases we used to have at school? Ingenius.

Turkey8 of 10


Another example of "takes things too far". We bet that was on her school report.

Not so innocent9 of 10

Not so innocent

Who really needs a massive backpack when performing onstage? Also, those trousers... Net curtains or what?

rita-ora-bad-fashion-1010 of 10


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