Rixton’s Jake Roche on Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards’ wedding: “I could be best man!”

Jake spoke to heat about the biggest celebrity wedding of the year (and some other stuff)

Rixton’s Jake Roche on Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards’ wedding: “I could be best man!”

by Emmeline Saunders |
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Rixton frontman Jake Roche wants to be best man at the upcoming wedding of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards – even though he’s technically never actually met the ex-One Direction singer.

Jake – who’s dating Perrie’s Little Mix bandmate Jesy Nelson – spoke to heat ahead of the release of Rixton’s new single, We All Want The Same Thing, and joked that he was going to be taking a key role in the ceremony.

heat: Have you got an invite to Perrie and Zayn’s wedding?

Jake: “Yes. I’m going and I’m the page boy! No, we haven’t spoken about it to anyone, really, we just kind of do our own thing. I haven’t spoken to Jess about it. You know, I think they’ll probably get married. They’re in love and that’s what people do. If I get invited – amazing. If I don’t, I won’t lose any sleep over it, I just kind of wish them all the best.”

It’s meant to be in June, isn’t it?

“In JUNE?! I don’t know, I mean I know Little Mix are very, very, very busy this year, so yeah: fair play if Perrie can fit in a wedding.”

What if you get a Whatsapp from Jesy saying ‘grab your suit, it’s tomorrow!’?

“Yeah, get your suit ready, dust it off. And get your speech ready. Imagine if I was best man, how strange would that be! I’ve never met him, what would I say? ‘Alright mate? Congrats?’ I’ve no idea.

“When me and Jess meet up, we talk about anything other than work … Perrie’s a great girl though and Zayn’s an amazing guy, so I hope they’re happy.”

Jake went on to talk about his relationship with Jesy, saying the two of them talk about anything other than work when they meet up.

You guys are busy, Little Mix are busy, what’s going to happen this year?

“We’ll probably just split up and you guys will read all about it! No, funny thing is – and I rarely say this – not because I’m embarrassed but because it’s a bit embarrassing – I’ve always been a huge, huge fan of the girls before we even met, and my mum and my sister are huge fans, they’ve even been to see them.

“So I just want what’s best for the girls, and if that’s them in America for six months trying to break America, which I’m sure they will do, then amazing, because it’ll only better the life that me and Jesy want really.

“And it’s the same for me. But yeah, we’re both fans of each other and we’ve kind of realised that the things we do now is only going to better the life we want in the future. We’re keeping our heads down, keeping busy and realising what’s important at the end of the ay. Which is fame and drugs. And all of the women.”

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