Rob Kardashian REFUSES to appear on Kardashian Christmas card 2015 – unless he gets paid $250K

Tbf, we’d want $250K if it was being offered to us too

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by Emmeline Saunders |
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Rob Kardashian won’t take part in this year’s Kardashian Christmas card shoot unless he gets paid $250,000, according to new reports.

RadarOnline claims the reality star – who’s been more or less absent from the usual Kardashian rigmarole ever since sister Kim’s wedding in May 2014 – is still self-conscious about his body, so isn’t yet sure if he wants to appear on the infamous card.

“He’s confident that by Christmas he’ll be in a good enough condition to be front and centre of the group shots, but he’s refusing to commit to the shoot until the very last minute,” an insider told the news site.

“Rob is demanding a staggering $250K to participate in the photo-shoot, claiming he’s the most marketable member of the family right now since he’s been out of the public eye for a long time now while he loses weight and cleans up his act.”

Lol at most marketable. Sure you are, hun.

We did this on Photoshop, just because we got a bit bored

The source went on to say Rob’s got a bit of an ego on him right now, which is wrecking havoc on the whole Kard plans, turning “this whole saga [into] a total nightmare”.

Just sounds like any normal person’s Christmas, tbh.

The last Kardashian-Jenner Kristmas kard was in 2013 and featured the family posing against a backdrop of dollar signs, piles of old celebrity magazines and some dismantled mannequins.

Remember back when Christmas cards featured nice snow-sprinkled hill scenes, maybe a couple of shepherds? Sometimes a penguin in a woolly jumper? Us neither.

Anyway. Let us all keep our eyes peeled for the reappearance of Rob Kardashian and wait with bated breath for the Kristmas kard we ALL want on our mantelpiece.

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