Robbie Williams apologises about Brits abroad to the Spanish nation

We’ve got a bit of a reputation, apparently

Robbie Willaims

by Hayley Kadrou |
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Robbie Williams – AKA the epitome of a cheeky Brit – has offered his sincerest apologies to the Spanish nation for the behaviour of Brits abroad.

We not sure what he’s talking about.

In an advert for coffee brand Café Royal, the ex-Take That singer imitates fictional British secret agent James Bond, saying:

“Hola España. My name’s Williams. Robbie Williams. I’m a secret agent at the service of good taste.”

Do you think he’s hinting for a film role? We can’t see it.

“This is a public apology for all my countrymen who invade your beautiful seaside towns.”


He continues: “I’m not like them. I drink superior coffee. And now that Cafe Royal are here, so can you.”

The cheek!

We think that Robbie is getting at the idea that us Brits go and holiday in popular Spanish destinations such as Magaluf and Ibiza just to erm, get drunk and run about.

We’ve all done a Club 18-30 once, right?

It was revealed that the 41-year-old was set to be the face of the coffee brand in December last year.

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