Robbie Williams gets COMPLETELY NAKED in new Instagram vid

U OK hun?

robbie williams

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It's safe to say we've learnt a great deal about various male physiques today – first that Love Island's Alex Bowen has a MASSIVE DONG, and now that Robbie Williams has a pretty great bod (size of dong as yet unconfirmed, unfortunately).

We know this because his wife Adya Field uploaded a vid of him prancing about naked with only a cake to cover his private parts.

In it, he is heard saying: "Woaaaaah, floating cake! I'm invisible, floating cake," to which she replies: "Babe, you didn't choose invisibility – you chose cake. I can see you."

He then says: "I'm not invisible right now? You can see all of me?" She retorts: "Yeah, and your bollocks are hanging out."

Taken out of context, this whole situation makes quite literally no sense at all. So we did some serious journalistic digging (watched the previous video) and found out that they were playing Would You Rather? (classic game).

In this vid, Robbie says to Ayda: "I've got a very important question to ask, and which way you answer may have grave consequences" – which sums up the game pretty well if you ask us.

He then asks her to choose between invisibility or being able to eat cake, chocolate, crisps and other naughty things while being impervious to the calories. They both choose the latter.

We'd have chosen the same, TBH.

robbie williams

Predictably, the comments section of the naked vid was absolutely overrun with laugh-cry emojis. Fans were also quick to compliment Robbie on his bod. One wrote, "My god he's so damn hot lucky lady," and another, "Cake looks fantastic! Robbie even more so!"

We rilly want a cake now, BRB.

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