That Russell Brand PARKLIFE meme has just hit peak Russell Brand PARKLIFE meme

Yes, Russell just referenced it on Twitter. Pack it away, internet. Go home.

Russell Brand

by Emmeline Saunders |
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Post by Laurie James Ross.

Remember the belfie, the Ice Bucket Challenge and planking? Remember the O RLY owl, the fist-bump baby, the Sean Bean Mordor quote? Remember PARKLIFE? Remember that 24-hour period of our human history in which people furiously tweeted the word PARKLIFE at Russell Brand, sometimes with a jaunty exclamation mark, a 'hey, is this a bandwagon! I'm on it too, guys!', a nod of humanity in a sea of dark, dark internet cat porn? Yeah. Yeah, we remember. PARKLIFE!

Anyway, we're calling an end to PARKLIFE now, please. Why must PARKLIFE be dismantled and put carefully away in the ground, buried with a wooden stake through its heart and a rock on its head? Because Russell Brand has ruined it. He's ruined it for everyone. PARKLIFE!

Russell Brand ruined PARKLIFE by recognising it. He broke the rules. He knocked down the fourth wall that all celebrities must deny with their very being. He went and replied to a tweet and he quoted it. PARKLIFE!

And it was no ordinary tweet, either. It was from the ruddy Financial Times. The FT! Russell Brand's got no business replying to the EFF-FLAMING-TEE. What are you playing at, Russell? PARKLIFE!

That's it. Everyone pack up your things and leave. First Grumpy Cat lands her own movie, now this. We're out. PARKLI-

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