Russell Brand tells audience they should have bought DRUGS instead of tickets to his stand up

Don’t be harsh on yourself, Russ!

Russell Brand

by Hayley Kadrou |
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Not shy of controversy, comedian Russell Brand told his latest audience that they should have spent their money on drugs instead of tickets to come see his stand up performance.

Erm, ok.

Performing at the Roundhouse in Camden on Wednesday (5th August) night, the funny-man-turned-political-activist was trialling his latest material set for his upcoming Australian tour.


Russ asked the crowd how much they forked out to see him that evening, and one guy told the comedian that they’d spent £20 for a seat in the audience that evening.

Doing some quick mental maths, Brand told the laugh-seekers what that money equated to: "Twenty quid. Five quid more, you could have got a quarter. Drugs are easy.”

And went on to say:

"Don't worry, it's going to be OK, is heroin still available in Camden? We're OK."

Does someone need to talk to FRANK again?

Russell Brand has been open about his struggles with drug addiction in the past, and has worked alongside charities to help raise awareness of drug abuse.

Clearly the comedian made his comments in jest, later saying: “My job is to provide you with some form of non-chemical entertainment.”

Thanks for making that clear, Russ.

Russell is set to tour Australia with his new material in October this year.

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