Russell Kane SLAMS Katie Hopkins: ‘I’d make her drink her own urine – she’s the devil’

Russell Kane Katie Hopkins

by Owen Tonks |
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Russell Kane is seriously fed up with Katie Hopkins – he wants to make the former Apprentice loser drink her own piss.

He of funniness, television and the internet is currently starring in his own survival show Stupid Man, Smart Phone, in which he’s dropped into difficult situations with other stars and expected to survive using only the internet and apps on his mobile.

Having learnt it may be possible – though possibly not too healthy, or tasty – to keep yourself alive by drinking your own wee, he’d love to see Katie drink hers.

Professional bully Katie hasn’t exactly made herself popular with the British public, despite finishing runner-up in Celebrity Big Brother last year, having made cruel comments about large sections of society such as immigrants, and fellow famous folk.

Russell Kane Katie Hopkins

On Katie downing her own pee, Russell told heatworld: "She would probably drink it and would burn to death. She pisses sulphur, she’s the devil!"

Using our extensive (and possibly not totally accurate) scientific knowledge to remind the funnyman urine is 95% water, 5% toxins, he added: "It's the other way round for her, she's 95% toxins.

"I’d make her drink her own urine so she could see what her own medicine tastes like."

If he wants to stay, you know, alive, it's probably best Russell doesn't consume Katie's wee himself, but he is more than happy to drink it from someone else.

He exclaimed: "Whose piss would I drink? Rihanna! Or Beyonce's lemonade!

"It has to be a fit girl, if I have to drink wee I don't want it to be, like, a grandma or David Hasselhoff or something."

Russell Kane Katie Hopkins

Russell was signed up by telly bosses for Stupid Man, Smart Phone because they basically wanted to giggle at him and some pals as they tried to survive in tough conditions.

He was dropped in the desert, mountains, the jungle and derelict buildings on the Soviet border with the likes of singer Conor Maynard, internet laugh-a-minute Arron Crascall, and Jenny Jones among others.

One situation he and Arron found themselves in saw them hilariously attempt to start a fire using camel poop.

Russell said: "On that particular occasion, we had camel dung on the back of the van. The guy had given us poo, we didn’t know why he’d given us poo.

“On Periscope someone said they use it as fuel in Africa and we needed to light it. I always have comedy props and things I'm known for on me because I always like making fun of myself.

Russell Kane Katie Hopkins

“I had hairspray and I lit it, which someone suggested, so we sprayed that on the poo.”

And given his excitement about urine and people drinking it, Russell couldn’t help but share one final gem of information he learnt as a result of taking part in the series.

He excitedly told us: “In the desert you can wee in a condom, get this, WEE into a condom, hold the condom up to the sun and it creates a magnifying glass which ignites the grass.

“Can you believe that?”

A new episode of Stupid Man, Smart Phone is availble to watch on BBC Three every Sunday.

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