Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake had a cute reunion at the Oscars <3

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by Hannah Mellin |

No, last night's 89th Academy Awards was not all a horrific/amazing showbiz dream and all the AWKS AF moments did actually happen in real-time. Cray cray.

Not only did Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway call out the wrong name, and awarded La La Land the Academy Award for Best Picture instead of the actual winner, Moonlight, but Chrissy Teigen fell asleep during the ceremony and people literally couldn't cope with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson's awkwardness.

However, one little Oscars reunion that did melt our tired and judgemental hearts was that of Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake - who haven’t been seen together in YEARS.


Yep, the former Mickey Mouse Club BFFs had a lovely little love-in after the ceremony and luckily for us it was all caught on camera for all of us to see/make memes out of.


So cute right?

Earlier this year, many Ryan and Justin fans who were bracing themselves for a warm Oscars red carpet reunion had their dreams dashed when Justin revealed that ‘they’re not really close anymore’.

"We aren't the closest of friends, for whatever reason,” he told THR - apparently in a ‘nonchalant’ manner.


Nobody knows what happened between the pair to cause a rift (maybe they just grew out of each other) but it’s lovely to see that they put it all aside to give each other a post-Oscars cuddle.

What we would do to be in that warm Ryan/Justin sandwich on this cold and miserable Monday morning.

We can only dream.


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