Is RYAN GOSLING playing the Beast in Disney’s Beauty And The Beast remake?

Monstrous princes with evil curses have never been so hot


by Emmeline Saunders |
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News just in, and your childhood has just been simultaneously RUINED and MADE WAY BETTER with the rumours that Ryan Gosling is set to play the Beast in Disney’s upcoming Beauty And The Beast remake.

The classic cartoon is going to be updated for a modern audience, with Emma Watson already officially cast as Belle. Now is the time to SQUEE.


    According to The Tracking Board, Ryan is “Disney’s top choice to star” in the remake and has already been offered the role.

    “The part that Gosling is being courted for is the Beast himself,” the news source continued.

    “The film will be a live-action remake of the 1991 animated Disney classic. This version will also be a musical, likely keeping the original’s beloved musical numbers intact.”


    Director Bill Condon, who also made Twilight: Breaking Dawn, will be in charge of the project, but it’s thought he’ll be getting Ry to provide the voice and possibly the motion-capture work of the Beast, plus there may be a (NAKED!) cameo of him in human-form at the end of the film.


    GALLERY: Ryan Gosling looking HOT as all hell, just because we can


    Happy Birthday Ryan Gosling!!!!

    Sometimes his shirt comes off. Shame...1 of 31

    Sometimes his shirt comes off. Shame...

    He loves dogs...2 of 31

    He loves dogs...

    ...and ducks...3 of 31

    ...and ducks...

    ...and Emma Stone4 of 31

    ...and Emma Stone

    Specs appeal5 of 31

    Specs appeal

    ryan_hard6 of 31


    'ard as nails

    Healthy7 of 31


    Home Alone (with us, hopefully)8 of 31

    Home Alone (with us, hopefully)

    Chillin' with Justin9 of 31

    Chillin' with Justin

    Great with kids10 of 31

    Great with kids

    Ryan in his Mickey Mouse Club days11 of 31

    Ryan in his Mickey Mouse Club days

    Ryan + a mirror = Two Ryans!12 of 31

    Ryan + a mirror = Two Ryans!

    Ryan and his ma, Donna13 of 31

    Ryan and his ma, Donna

    THIS14 of 31


    Arty15 of 31


    Ryan in his pants, which is nice16 of 31

    Ryan in his pants, which is nice

    Blonde ambition17 of 31

    Blonde ambition

    Athena poster, anyone?18 of 31

    Athena poster, anyone?

    Nice PJs!19 of 31

    Nice PJs!

    Some, er, interesting tats you got there, Ry...20 of 31

    Some, er, interesting tats you got there, Ry...

    Run into our arms, buddy21 of 31

    Run into our arms, buddy

    He's got the x factor22 of 31

    He's got the x factor

    Nice satin jacket23 of 31

    Nice satin jacket

    Comfortable with his sexuality24 of 31

    Comfortable with his sexuality

    Ryan and his best bud George25 of 31

    Ryan and his best bud George

    Smoulderingly hot26 of 31

    Smoulderingly hot

    Look how strong he is!27 of 31

    Look how strong he is!

    Suits you28 of 31

    Suits you

    Nice toolbox29 of 31

    Nice toolbox

    Velvety and strokeable30 of 31

    Velvety and strokeable

    Ryan looked like this once, but not for a long time thank the lord31 of 31

    Ryan looked like this once, but not for a long time thank the lord

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