Ryan Reynolds speaks to heat about family life and Ryan Gosling

And that time he snogged Andrew Garfield lol

blake lively ryan reynolds

by Polly Foreman |
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Ryan Reynolds is, objectively, the best person in the world.

Anyone with eyes and a Twitter account can confirm this.

One of our many favourite things about Ryan is that fact he's literally the definition of family goals.

He, his wife Blake Lively, and his daughters James and Ines are so ruddy perfect it almost pains our eyes to look at them.

blake lively ryan reynolds

See the time they were a picture of perfection at the Hollywood walk of fame HERE.

Opening up to heat about his family life, Ryan said: "Before there was just the one to focus on, but now it's like, where's the other one? Oh God! Now there's double the mistakes to make [laughs]. But when you have a wonderful wife and mother who is able to make up for all your shortcomings, it kind of evens it out."

We love him so sosososos SO much.

He also spoke about losing out at the Golden Globes to 'other Ryan' Gosling.

"The other, no, no, you mean the lesser Ryan," he told us… "he ruined my evening, he ruined my night, you know, my career, my life."

He was joking, btw.

(We think).

Also on our list of fave things about Ryan (YES WE HAVE A LIST) is that time he snogged Andrew Garfield at the Golden Globes in front of Blake (after losing out to lesser-Ryan).

"It was the only thing that got me through that moment," he told us. "We were going to do it if I won, which I didn't and then Ryan Gosling's name was announced. Andrew, bless him, he swept in there and saved me. I'll always be grateful for that."

Read the full interview with Ryan in this week's heat mag – OUT NOW!

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